Retro Camper Time Machine


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The theme of this week’s Spoonflower Challenge is “Time Machine” and the directive was to create a surface design that reflects your favorite time period. I’ve been wanting to do a retro camper design for fabric and wallpaper. I decided now was a good time.

I’m honestly not sure what era my design represents. I think the 50’s may be the closest? I’ve most likely crossed a couple time periods and it’s not even remotely accurate. That’s what mom always calls “artistic license.”

I toyed with a few colorways, but ultimately settled on a couple of my retro favorites – muted turquoise and pink.

My first versions of the design incorporated a few kitschy mid-century modern elements. The geometric shapes were a bit at odds with the sketched elements of the design. I ultimately removed them to provide space for the eye to rest.

This design will be displayed on fabric fat quarters for the purpose of the contest, but I love it as a table runner or outdoor throw pillows, as I’ve shown here.

This contest seemed to be less popular for entrants, as there were about 500 less contenders than in the previous challenge. Still, you’ll need to set aside some time to scroll through the 1000 plus fabric patterns. It’s fun seeing how other designers interpret the theme. Please support independent artists by casting your vote in the challenge! You can select multiple designs (please do), but can only submit your vote once.

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