While it is not something we set out to do initially, it seems we have developed a reputation as a retirement barn. And we’re perfectly happy to provide this service. Our quiet facility provides a low-stress environment, while our herd of chickens and occasional passing deer keeps life from getting too boring for our older equine friends. Good footing in the ring and access to trails allows for gentle exercise of the not quite 100% retired horse.

Our stalls all open onto paddocks, which allows horses to come and go – even during the night. This policy of never stalling a horse except in extreme weather seems to be beneficial for aging joints and tendons.

Hay is fed free-choice (unless dietary restrictions dictate otherwise) via slow-feed hay boxes, preventing boredom and nervous habits, as well as encouraging better overall health. We’re always happy to feed mashes and adjust for special diets, too.

Please feel free to contact us when you feel your horse is ready for the “quiet life”. Space is very limited.